Thank you for your interest in Penetrex® Technology, the ultimate solution for all your liquid packaging needs. Our revolutionary, patented technology has the flexibility to be customized or retrofitted to match any liquid-filling or removal process. 

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Penetrex® streamlines any manufacturing or diagnostics process with precise and accurate dispensing and reduces cross-contamination by utilizing the revolutionary technology of the worlds first self-resealing pipet tip-pierceable dome.

These patented seals are pierceable by standard pipet tips and other blunt devices such as oral medication syringes, which allows sampling liquid specimens from a container without removing the cap. Andwin Scientific offers standard and custom closure solutions for a variety of automated and manual processes as well as liquid storage needs. Bar coding and tamper-evidence control are easily incorporated into virtually any Penetrex® container application.

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The first Penetrex®-compatible liquid handling system, the P3, combines the patented technology of a self-sealing cap with the speed and efficiency of automation. The new P3 Automated Liquid Handling System is the first instrument to offer full compatibility with patented pierceable, resealing Penetrex® containers.
The fluid depth sensing system uses standard polypropylene pipet tips. Sensing pressure instead of conductivity, the P3 provides significant cost-savings and detects smaller volumes versus competitors that use conductivity sensors, which require the use of expensive conductive carbon pipet tips.

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The patented SealSafe™ Closures make liquid medication storage and dispensing safer, easier and more affordable than ever while allowing oral syringes to draw the exact amount needed while reducing the risk of spill, evaporation and contamination. They fit snugly into most bottles
in their size range allowing original child-resistant (C/R) caps to fit over the closures.To use, simply insert the tip of an oral syringe into a SealSafe™ Closure seal, draw a measured dosage and remove the tip. The closure quickly recloses providing a safe and clean seal.

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